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Artwork for WINNEBAGO GRAVEYARD by Alison Sampson & Image Comics

    Winnebago graveyard is Alison Sampson’s new mini-series with Image comics – which I’ve made some artwork for! in the comic ‘AN AMERICAN FAMILY ON VACATION FINDS THEMSELVES STRANDED IN A SMALL TOWN WITH A SINISTER SECRET.’ I’ve read issue #1 and it’s awesome – Satanists! Sacrifice! Gore & Horror! a really good comic if you like …

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Summer Camp Island Cartoon Network Storyboarding

JULIA POTT invited ME TO DO SOME DESIGN TESTS FOR her Cartoon Network show SUMMER CAMP ISLAND. The animation is about friends oscar & hedgehog and their adventures with monsters, crushes, witchy campers and impending puberty during their trip. It was awesome and my first attempt at storyboarding. It's pretty similar to how I make comics, …

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5 Simple ways to get your shit together

  5 Simple ways to get your shit together & start that project today! Does this sweet baby look like you ↓This is me. every single day. I am the slug princess of lump land and if I’m not laying down under 12 million blankets and pets watching movies I am probably making myself make art. So …

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