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Maymo Bone Witch original pen Drawing A3


Maymo is a badass bone witch. she strikes down her enemies with her giant bone wand, taken from her giant enemies defeated in battle.



Maymo is the princess of the outer reaches of the skull plains. She fights using the animal bones of the big beasts that were laid to rest, and she doesn’t take any crap! Rainbows are born from the skulls of the animals, which then bleed colour.

She remembers the giant wars when king FrÜg was defeated at great cost by the mighty Pigwitch. She now uses her bone magic to find the flowery graves of the gentle giants to lay their vengeful spirits to rest. She lives alone on the skull plains now that all the witches are gone, but she hopes one day to see her friends again.

This image was made using pen & ink, Photoshop colouring and the bitterly glittery tears of my enemies.

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Pen & ink
A3, 160gsm paper
matte finish
Black & white

Wrapped in plastic sleeve & posted with strong board backed packaging.

British Artist: Donya Todd – All prints signed

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