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Girlschool x Society6 collaboration

Donya ToddGirlschool Society6

I’ve recently hooked up with Society6 in collaboration with a Los Angeles-based women-led music festival to create some merch for the Girlschool festival. ↑ This ↑ is the Logo I made for them.

It’s A really cool organisation! They’re A network of badass women in music who connect to create & empower each another using the power of ˚✧₊⁎🤘music🤘⁎₊✧˚while supporting women & girls. A portion of the proceeds from every GIRLSCHOOL event benefits a girl-positive organization. This years Proceeds 2017 will benefit Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls LA, a social justice organization that uses loud music to nurture self-esteem & self-expression in young girls. How great is that ♥

Girlschool Logo

girlschool Society6

so, as a part of my fee i was allowed to pick a product of my choice from Society6 – a print on demand website I use to sell stuff on. It’s pretty bizarre seeing your artwork on things like clocks & mugs & whatnot but it makes me happy that people can order weird stuff with my weird pictures on it which I could never afford to print myself. So what did I choose? something sensible???

why A giant farting unicorn throw blanket of course!!! oh my goodness i’m gonna snuggle in this badboyyy. gonna build a fort and make my cats watch house with me until we all become slugs. Live the slacker dream babies. Peace out ♥


× How magical is this blanket tho ×

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