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5 Simple ways to get your shit together

Donya Todd

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5 Simple ways to get your shit together & start that project today! Does this sweet baby look like you ↓lazyThis is me. every single day. I am the slug princess of lump land and if I’m not laying down under 12 million blankets and pets watching movies I am probably making myself make art. So it’s simple.

If you don’t make time to do what you want, you’re never going to get good at it and become rich & famous like those cool guys whose stuff you love. I’m not saying to give up your slacker dream (no way man!) just make sure you do what you love to do as much as you can.

I hear you. how do you even start??? you’re just a helpless potato with big big dreams. Well lucky for you i’m here. so let’s go.

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1. MAke a plan. Write that shit down. In your diary. In your journal & calendar. on that ratty envelope covered in ribena and chunks, whatever. Write or draw your ideas down & Think about what you want to do, maybe make a list & Tick it off as you go & feel smug and productive.

green girl2. make it. Don’t sit around worrying what pens you’re going to use, or that it’s not a 1000 page epic, or that it’s too saucy for this life. just get on with it. is it a painting? buy a frame and cut the paper to fit. or don’t bother. is it a comic? A5 is perfect for photocopying and making your own book. or go nuts, do whatever the hell you want. The point is to make it. don’t chicken out at the last moment.

3. now what? That plan turned out to be pure garbage, the results even worse and you’d do terrible things to hide it from the world. Why did you even bother right? Wrong. Shut up. you’re not going to be amazing the first time you try something. the point is to ∗try∗ and absorb, and learn something like a new born sponge with low self esteem and carpal tunnel syndrome. Don’t like the thing you just made? Do it again. and again. and again. until you come up with something that isn’t total crap. it’s worth it. worth waiting for. no-one has to tell you when you make something good, you’ll feel it and you’ll realise that this has become something important to you.

4. Cool, so now we’re getting the hang of things. You’ve made a blog or facebook page or whatever to show everyone what you’re doing. People like what we’ve made. we may have even sold some stuff. High five my friend! you deserve it. Most people don’t even get this far, people are lazy and scared which is okay, you’re being brave as fuck so be proud. life is hard enough without the crushing highs and lows of literally being judged by your cover. do Take criticism constructively. especially people who are professionals who know what they’re talking about. Do not take any shit from idiots who just want to bring you down.

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5. Alrighty, we’re feeling good now. we’ve made a plan, followed it through and it’s totally awesome. now we start all over again. only we do it bigger and better and braver. This is how we get our shit together. this is how we start. Once we start being organised in one way it starts to seep into other parts of life. Go for gold little potato and follow those big big dreams ♥♥♥

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